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I’ve made the best of friends and it really is like a big family. At times, dysfunctional (in the best way) but everyone is extremely supportive and motivating. You are continuously forced out of your comfort zone and pushed to the limits, and it’s an incredible sense of accomplishment when you’re done and a real boost of confidence! Every day is something new and fun and you’re always learning.

[Bridget P.]

Dropped in for a Saturday class while in town for a wedding. Coach Matt and the members were extremely friendly and welcomed me right in. I would definitely recommend dropping in here if you’re in the area!

[Dustin N.]

Our gym is just such a great community. Everyone is encouraging and motivating. I never feel intimidated or that someone will not want to work out with me. I think we all care about each other and enjoy working out together. The variety of the workouts is also great. So, different from the typical gym. And I love telling the people I work with that I was flipping tires or pushing a sled. They get a kick out of it.

[Jenny V.]

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