It’s a new year and time to think about your fitness plan! Try out some of these new classes at CrossFit Fairport:

Classes start on January 3, 2017!

CrossFit Beginner’s Class

  • 12 classes to teach you CrossFit fundamental movements.
  • 1 hour group classes will consist of warm-up and mobility, instruction, and a work-out.
  • Scaled to individual’s ability!
  • Classes are fun and it’s an awesome supportive environment!
  • Tuesday/Thursday 7pm, Saturday 11am.
  • $80/Promotional price from 12/16/16 – 1/6/17.

CrossFit Senior’s Class

This is a brand new format that we are excited to be offering!
Don’t let those grandkids wear you out! 🙂 Get strong at CrossFit Fairport!

  • 4 week sessions
  • 1 hour classes meet 2x per week
  • Classes will consist of:
    • Warmup
    • Mobility/Flexibility
    • Skill Instruction on basic movements (squatting, pushing, pulling)
    • Work-out: Interval type training including movement and strength
    • All scaled to individual’s ability!
  • Tuesday/Thursday 9:15am
  • $40/Promotional price from 12/16/16 – 1/6/17